This article is about the ski resort. For the Burmese monarchs, please see Uzana (disambiguation). Coordinates: 42°45′30″N 25°14′14″E / 42.75833°N 25.23722°E / 42.75833; 25.23722 Uzana (Bulgarian: Узана) is a winter resort in Bulgaria. It is located at the foot of Ispolin peak at 1,420 m above sea level, near the Bulgarka Nature Park in the Balkan Mountains. It consists of large meadows surrounded by forest. The altitude varies from 1,220 to 1,350 m. The longest run is 4,265 ft /1,300 m. The nearest big city is Gabrovo, some 22 km away. The resort with its 15 hotels provides tourism opportunities throughout the year. The surrounding sites of Uzana are suitable for spaleology, skiing, and rock climbing. There are possibilities for cultural tourism in the region. In the nearby open-air ethnographic museum Etara people can learn more about Bulgarian crafts. The Sokolski Monastery is situated a few kilometers away from Uzana. Tourism in the Uzana region started in 1937 when the first chalet also named Uzana was built on the southern side of the meadow. Uzana is a home of rare floral species included in the Red Book of Endangered Species. It is the starting position of many mountain routes as well as the summits Shipka and Buzludja.


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