Serbian Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Students' Home

Coordinates: 47°30′05″N 19°04′36″E / 47.501461°N 19.076717°E / 47.501461; 19.076717 Serbian school 'Nikola Tesla' Budapest (Hungarian: Szerb Tanítási Nyelvű Óvoda, Általános Iskola Diákotthon, és Gimnázium; Serbian: Српско забавиште, основна школа, ђачки дом и гимназија) is an educational institution located in Budapest, Hungary. It was established as a school for all South Slavic nations in 1948. The school began its work in Pécs, but was soon out of political reasons, moved to Budapest. School was subsequently replaced by the name South Slavic into Serbian and Croatian. In 1993, because of the war in former Yugoslavia, the school expelled part Croatian from its name. Оn 25 November 2012, the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić visited the school.


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