Rambla of Montevideo

The Rambla of Montevideo is an avenue that goes all along the coastline of Montevideo, Uruguay, and also the longest continuous sidewalk in the world.[citation needed] At a length of over 22.2 uninterrupted kilometres (13.7 mi), the promenade runs along the Río de la Plata and continues down the entire coast of Montevideo. Since all the southern departments of Uruguay are against either the Río de la Plata or the Atlantic Ocean, they all have ramblas as well. The Rambla is an integral part of Montevidean identity and has been proposed as a World Heritage site. La Rambla, South of the Bay of Montevideo, provides a great environment for people to do a big variety of activities, such as jogging, walking, biking, fishing, kite-flying, sunbathing or simply drinking mate with someone. Skateboarding and roller skating are also possible in special areas for these activities. The avenue is secured by the Tourism Police Unit during the summer to keep a safe environment for tourists. Building anything across the rambla, on the side of the beach, which is 100% state-owned, is regulated to prevent ruining the view.[citation needed]


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