Odo of Metz

Eudes (also Oto, Odo, Odon) of Metz (742–814) was an architect who lived during Charlemagne's reign in the Carolingian Empire, and is the earliest known architect born north of the Alps. He was possibly of Armenian origin. His Carolingian architecture with polygonal plans and elaborate elevations of the buildings he created are a reminiscence of the Basilica of San Vitale of Ravenna and late Roman architecture with Byzantine style. It is unknown whether he saw these buildings himself, or only drawings of them. Eudes had a large technical knowledge from De architectura by Vitruvius, as many Carolingian Renaissance era manuscripts of this Vitruvius's works exist. Eudes of Metz is credited as the architect of: Charlemagne's Palace of Aachen with the Palatine Chapel (792–805), in Aachen the church of Germigny-des-Prés in 806–811.


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