Limnocharitaceae was a family of flowering plants in the monocot order Alismatales. In the APG IV system, it is included in the family Alismataceae. It is commonly known as the water poppy family. Species that have been placed in this taxon are small, perennial, aquatic herbs, native to the tropics, but adventive or naturalized in the subtropics as a result of cultivation. The Limnocharitaceae include three genera, and these, in turn comprise eight species. Some of the species are closely related and, consequently, hard to identify. Butomopsis is monospecific (B. latifolia) and indigenous to tropical Africa, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia. Limnocharis and Hydrocleys are native to the neotropics. Limnocharis has two species. Limnocharis flava is grown as a potherb in India and Isan, Thailand. It has become a weed in Indonesia. It is sometimes sold as an ornamental for aquaria. Hydrocleys has five species. Hydrocleys nymphoides is common in water gardens, and probably for this reason, it is persistent in the wild in Florida and Texas.


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