Colognian proverbial expressions

A proverb in a language is a simple sentence, phrase, or occasionally phrasal expression that is commonly used so as to refer to a well known maxim, narrative, or short termed wisdom. Proverbs are often metaphorical. Proverbial expressions use parts of proverbs or full proverbs in order to refer to their meaning or basic essence in a way understood similar to a reference without complete recitation. Colognian has a set of proverbs. Many of them can be used in proverbial expressions. They often function similar to idioms inside sentences without really being ones. They can also be used standalone, or as complete entities in dialogs. For example, someone missed something because he was not informed and says: Wä et hät jewoß… (Who had known it…) and gets an answer: Wä et hät jedonn. (Who had done it.) in exchange. (See below for an explanation)


This table shows the example usage of word lists for keywords extraction from the text above.

WordWord FrequencyNumber of ArticlesRelevance

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