Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame

Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame, based in the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, commemorates and honours those whose accomplishments in aviation contributed so much to Canada's development as a nation. Founded in 1973, the Hall of Fame has honoured thus far more than 200 aviators, engineers, technicians and administrators. Due to its size and geographical location, Canada has had to rely upon aviation much more than other countries. With so much territory unsuitable for surface travel, it was up to aviation to unite the country and bring the distant regions the opportunities for social and economic progress that would make them part of Canada. The unique combination of pioneering aviation and pioneering development of the country resulted in many outstanding examples of heroism, skill, tenacity, courage, wisdom, and luck, and many great stories to be told. The best of these stories are described in the Aviation Hall of Fame. Stories are told on four by eight foot panels with portraits, citations, photographs, and memorabilia. The Hall has an extensive collection of personal items and memorabilia related to inducted members, including such material as licenses, logbooks, uniforms, insignia, medals, trophies and awards, documents, correspondence, scrapbooks and photographs. The reference library contains approximately 2,500 books and over 12,000 periodicals related specifically to Canadian aviation. Items are loaned to other museums in Canada for exhibit purposes, and may be accessed by researchers and visitors, by appointment. The Hall of Fame also awards the Belt of Orion and the Order of Polaris each year at its annual induction dinner, to an organization notable for its contribution to Canadian aviation.


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