Cabinet of Barbados

The Cabinet, formally Her Majesty’s Barbados Ministers, are individuals of Barbados which execute the duties of the Government of Barbados. Under a Westminster system of governance, these powers are vested nominally in Elizabeth II, Queen of Barbados (represented by the Governor-General), but are exercised in practice by a Cabinet of Ministers, presided over by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is formally appointed by the Governor-General: the Governor-General must appoint as Prime Minister someone who can control a majority of votes in the House of Assembly. In practice, this is normally the leader of the largest political party or coalition in the house. If there is no clear majority in the House of Assembly, however, the Governor-General's role becomes more important: he or she must assume the role of arbitrator and open negotiations with the leaders of the various political parties, in the hope of finding someone whom a majority will accept as Prime Minister. In the event of that failing to take place, the Governor-General must dissolve the House of Assembly and call an early election.


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