Alger of Liège

Alger of Liège (1055–1131), known also as Alger of Cluny and Algerus Magister, was a learned clergyman from Liège author of several notable works. Alger was first deacon of church of St Bartholomew in his native Liège and was then appointed (c. 1100) to St. Lambert's Cathedral. He declined offers from German bishops and finally retired to the monastery of Cluny, where he died at a high age, leaving behind a solid reputation for piety and intelligence. His History of the Church of Liège, and many of his other works, are lost. The most important remaining are: De Misericordia et Justitia (On Mercy and Justice), a collection of biblical extracts and sayings of Church Fathers with commentary (an important work for the history of church law and discipline), which is to be found in the Anecdota of Martène, vol. v. De Sacramentis Corporis et Sanguinis Domini; a treatise, in three books, against the Berengarian heresy, highly commended by Peter of Cluny and Erasmus. De Gratia et Libero Arbitrio; given in Bernard Pez's Anecdota, vol. iv. De Sacrificio Missae; given in the Collectio Scriptor. Vet. of Angelo Mai, vol. ix. p. 371.


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